Life & Retirement Production Tracker

Do you have complete transparency on all of your life and financial leads? Are you up to date on the status of each lead and where they stand in the pipeline? 

With AgencyZoom's life lead management and production tracker you can easily create leads, update status and communicate with the financial specialist. 


Before you get started, you must first add the financial specialist to AgencyZoom.

If the financial specialist is not dedicated to your agency and is affiliated with other Agencies, then you will need to add them as an affiliated licensed life and financial specialist. Otherwise, you can grant "Life and Health licensed" role to a dedicated staff member.


Adding an Affiliated Life and Financial Specialist

  • Go to My Agency from the main menu
  • Click on + Affiliated Life & Health Specialist 
  • Complete the mandatory fields and click Save

AgencyZoom will automatically email them their credentials and login instructions.




Edit Permissions to Add Life Licensed Role

  • Go to My Agency from the main menu
  • Click on About My Agency
  • Scroll the Staff Members section
  • Click the name of the person you'd like to edit
  • Add Life and Health permission then save

Note: The user must log out and log back in for the new permission to take effect.



Once the financial specialist has been added, you can now add leads or appointments.  


Adding a Lead and Assigning to Life and Financial Specialist


  • Click Life & Health from the main menu
  • Click in the Lead column
  • Complete the form
  • Click +Add

Once a lead is created, AgencyZoom will automatically send a notification to the assigned life and finance specialist with the details of the lead.

The financial specialist can then edit the lead, add comments, update the status and also track production once the application has been issued.

Note:  If the customer is already in AgencyZoom then simply type their name into the required field and AgencyZoom will populate the fields with the customers information.  If the customer is not already in the system, once you've typed their name into the required field select to add them as a new contact (as shown in the video below).




Life and Financial Specialist Updating the Lead

  • Click Life & Health
  • Locate the customer in the Lead column 
  • Click the V (located in the top right corner of each customer listed) to edit a lead or add notes.
  • Simply drag and drop the customer from the Lead column to the Appointment column to update the status of the lead.






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