Cancellation Letter and Accord Form Settings


Note: The Welcome Packet and all of its pages are not available to Allstate Agents.


The cancellation form is used to help you manage the prior insurer cancellation process.  

You have the option to select if you'd like to use the Cancellation Letter vs. the standard form in your system settings. You also have the option to include the Cancellation Letter in the welcome packet on an individual basis or move forward without including if you don't wish to manage the prior insurer cancellation process.


Selecting between Accord form or Cancellation Letter Template

  • Go to My Agency
  • Click on System Settings 
  • Scroll down to Welcome Packet
  • Find the option to Use Industry Standard Form for Cancellation Letter (Accord form)
    • By Default, if No is selected for this option then the Cancellation Letter Template will automatically be selected 


Editing the cancellation letter template

  • Go to My Agency
  • Click on Break-Up Letter
  • Edit the form then Save

Note: The yellow fields are automatically populated. You can find more placeholder options under the placeholder dropdown menu. 


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