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What can I do if I didn't download the policy correctly and need to add it to AgencyZoom?

Policy Bound Today:

Download and save the policy from Alliance

  • After you click Bind for a policy in Alliance, stay on the bind screen
  • Click Select All underneath the checklist of binding docs
  • After all the binding docs have been checked, Click Print
    • You will then see a pop-up of the binding docs in PDF format.
    • Save the PDF file by clicking File then Save As vs. File then Print to PDF

Note: AgencyZoom will only accept files that have been downloaded from Alliance as shown above or from Gateway.  Allstate policy types accepted: Auto, Home, Renters, Landlords, Condo, Manufactured Home, Motorcycle, Umbrella, Boat.  All others will be added via the "Add Brokered Business" button on your Dashboard. 


Policy Previously Bound: 

You can download the new business application in the correct format from Gateway.
  1. Look up a customer in Gateway
  2. In the bottom left corner, you will see Customer Docs link
  3. Select the policy number then select Policy Docs
  4. From the View drop-down select New Business under Mailing Package (Pre-insured Document)
  5. Click on New Business Application Signed By Named Insured
  6. Save the file as PDF
  7. Upload to AgencyZoom


You can also upload the policy manually via the Brokered section.  


If you find that this is not relevant to the issue you are experiencing, please do us a favor and send the customer application that you are attempting to upload so that we can further investigate the issue. 


Pro Tip:  

In most cases, the reason why you're getting an upload failed error is because the file you're attempting to upload is not in the correct format.
  • Did you download the file from eAgent? All files stored in eAgent are images of the original binding document.  AgencyZoom requires the original binding document.
  • When you first downloaded the file, the file was not saved correctly.  Meaning you did File Print to PDF vs. File Save As PDF.
  • You're attempting to download a file that was scanned.

AgencyZoom can only accept binding documents that are in PDF text format vs. PDF image.  A quick test to see if you have the correct format is to open the file and attempt to highlight (by double clicking) a sentence or a word.  If you end up highlighting the entire page or nothing at all then the file is in a PDF image format and will not work.


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