Agency Doc Overview

Note: This feature is not available to Allstate agents


The Agency Doc feature allows you to attach additional files to the Welcome Packet.

This could be something as simple as a team bio which provides your customers with a brief introduction to your team or a referral form to help continue to grow your customer base.  


How to upload new documents 

To upload a file to the Agency Doc section it must meet the following guidelines:

  • Must be in a PDF format 
  • Must only be 1 page in length
  • Can only contain text and simple images

To add a new document, click on My Agency, then Agency Doc Library, click Upload.

Once the document is uploaded, you will notice under the Included in Welcome Packet column the word Mandatory. The Mandatory option means the policy will automatically be attached to the Welcome Packet. Click to change to Optional if you would like to be given the choice of when to attach the document to the Welcome Packet.


Once the document is uploaded, you can see them listed in the Welcome Packet window.  The documents you uploaded as Optional can be attached to the Welcome Packet by clicking Include as shown below.



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