Unlock your AgencyZoom Account

Having issues accessing your AgencyZoom.com account? No problem. We're here to help! 

Access issues could be due to one the following reasons

1) Account was not activated

2) Wrong Password

3) The email address in AgencyZoom is incorrect


Account was not activated (new users)

If this is your first time logging into your AgencyZoom account, AgencyZoom sent you an email with an activation link and your credentials.  

That email is only valid for 48 Hrs so be sure to act quick! If you missed activating your account within that time frame, don't sweat it.  Just click this link to send yourself another activation email.


Forgot Password

If this is not your first time logging into AgencyZoom, then click this link to reset your password.


The email address in AgencyZoom is incorrect

Make sure that the email address is correct in AgencyZoom.  The account admin can confirm this by clicking on My Agency then About My Agency, scroll to Staff Members section then click on the user's name. 


If you are the account admin and you're having access issues due to a typo in your email address then please contact support 



Still having an issue? Contact Support

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