How to Assign a Dedicated Staff Member to a Location

In AgencyZoom, you have the ability to assign a dedicated Customer Service Representative to a location. This is to help you manage all customer service related activities.

Example, you can assign all Welcome Call tasks generated from location A to Jessica and from location B to Brian.

How can you use this?

  1. Assign all the tasks created in the Retention Manager for a specific location to a dedicated person
  2. Update Welcome Packet articles, e.g. update the Welcome letter to say the following "Your dedicated customer service representative is Jessica, contact her if you have any questions"  

Here's how to assign a dedicated staff member to a location 

  1. Click My Agency
  2. Click Welcome Call Script and Reminder
  3. Click Edit in the Welcome Call section
  4. In the Who's responsible for Welcome Call section, select Dedicated Staff
  5. Click Save


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