Sales Goal Tracker

The AgencyZoom Sales Goal Tracker is focused on one thing, which is to help make sure that you hit your monthly goals.  

We do this by answering one simple question.  What do I need to do today in order to stay on pace and hit my sales goal?

This is done by keep track of your monthly sales performance vs. your sales goal and giving you a daily goal that if achieved, you're guaranteed to hitting your monthly goals.

In the image below, you can quickly see what you need to do to stay on track for the month.  The Sale Goal Tracker is calculated based on the number of business days in the month, my monthly goal and what I've sold thus far.  Each day you will be able to quickly identify what you need to achieve by the end of the business day in order to stay on track and hit your monthly goal.

All you need to do is just set up your sales goals (Click My Agency then Sales Goals) and let AgencyZoom take care of the rest. 


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