FAQ - 2019 Allstate points

The new Allstate point system is now in effect.  What does that mean for your points tracked in AgencyZoom? 


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get an understanding of how this new update might impact your account.


Will AgencyZoom update the point system to match the new Allstate point system?

Yes! AgencyZoom is working on updating all of the point calculations to match the Allstate point system for all 50 states.  We hope to have this completed by 1/15/2019


Will I need to do anything? 

Nope, we will take care of everything!


Will this impact policies sold before 2019?

No, this change will only impact policies that have been sold after 12/31/2018.


Will the new point update automatically adjust the point values for those policies that I have added after 12/31/18?

Yes!  AgencyZoom will automatically apply the updated point value to any policies that have a sales date after 12/31/18.

My compensation plan pays based on points - How will this impact my pay structure?

This really depends on your plan.  If you have a comp plan that is tiered based on points ( the more points sold the more the LSP gets paid) then you can adjust the tier to accommodate the new points system.  For example:

  • Tier 1: 100 points  Pay X%
  • Tier 2: 200 points  Pay Y%

Since the new point system earns you more points on policies like home and auto, you may want to adjust the tiers so that an equal number of policies sold is required to achieve a certain pay level.

To edit your comp plan, simply do the following (must be agency owner or have admin-comp permissions)

  • Click My Agency
  • Click Set Up Comp
  • Click the name of the plan you'd like to edit
  • Click on the 3rd tab called Commission Tier
  • Click on the tier you'd like to edit
  • Click next until you get to the tier levels
  • Adjust as needed then save the tier 
  • Save the comp plan (Click save from top right corner)

Here's a quick video following the steps above:



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