New Customer Onboarding

Get ready to increase your Agency's first term retention with the help of AgencyZoom's New Customer Onboarding.  This dynamic feature allows you to create customized touch points for new business policies sold that will aid your team in providing the best possible on boarding experience for your customers all while ensuring the highest chance for renewal.  


How Does It Work?

It's simple.  Create a smooth transition to your Agency and make certain that nothing gets left behind by handcrafting a detailed New Customer Onboarding process beginning at Day 1 up until a customers First Renewal.  Easily create customized Checklists per policy type including detailed ToDo's and personalized emails triggered to be completed at the perfect time (think welcome calls, handwritten thank you cards, T-Doc check, renewal reviews, etc). 


Set Yours Up Now!

  • Go to the My Agency tab
  • Click New Customer Onboarding
  • Click Add Touchpoint
  • Enter in how many Days after the sold date or prior to renewal you would like task to populate
  • Select if you would like the task to be created for New Customers OR New Policy
    • If New Policy is selected, you can then select what specific policy type's you would like to apply to this task.
  • Select to create automated Email OR generated ToDo
  • Assign the task from the options provided in the drop-down
  • Type in the Task Title (ie: Send customer a hand written thank you card)
  • Type in a brief Description of the task (optional)
  • Save


See It In Action:



Give It a Try:  New Customer Onboarding

You must have Manager access in AgencyZoom to view and modify the New Customer Onboarding setup. 


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