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(Allstate) Training videos

  • Allstate - Sales Producer Training 101

    Time: 10 min


    Every new user should watch this entire video.

    This training video is intended for Allstate producers to receive a brief overview of AgencyZoom and learn how to add new business and to give a better understanding of the dashboard.





    Still have questions?  You can contact us or schedule a live training session hosted weekly

  • Intro to the Life and Health CRM



    In the video below, we demonstrate how easy it is to create a lead and move it towards closing.




    The AgencyZoom CRM is specifically designed for Life and Health.  It's very easy to use and an extremely effective tool that will help you see your pipeline clearly and easily be able to take actions that drive sales.

    AgencyZoom's Life and Health CRM will track everything about your leads, from the conversations you’ve had to all the people involved in them. Our visual pipeline lets you intuitively understand where all your deals are and move them forward toward a win.

Training Videos

  • AgencyZoom 101 | Agency Owners and Account Admins


    This quick video is the perfect way to get familiar with AgencyZoom and how to get help when you need it.

    Well show you how to get help, how to navigate your system settings and more importantly how to read your dashboard.

    Let's get to it!  Click play to watch the 10 minute video:

    Note: This video contains some features that may not be available to Allstate agents



  • AgencyZoom Overview

    A general overview of Agencyzoom and what it does to help your Agency.

    To better understand AgencyZoom, we must understand the customer life cycle that every client in your book is going through as we speak.  It all starts with a lead, then the lead turns to a sale, then followed by away to log that sale, then onboard that new customer, then follow up with that customer all the way until renewals.  

    In this video, we go over all of these milestones that your customer goes through and how AgencyZoom can help.

    Note: This video contains some features that may not be available to Allstate agents





  • Sales Producer Training 101

    Welcome to Agencyzoom!

    In this video, we go over a quick overview of what AgencyZoom does and talk about the "Customer Life Cycle" and how that plays a roll in Agencyzoom.

    We will show you how to add a lead, manage that lead and add a sale.

    If you have any questions, just click the blue help bubble from your account to chat with us!



  • Personalized Referral Links for your COI

    Take your relationships with your COI's (Centers of Influence) to the next level by creating a customized referral page just for them.  Follow this quick video tutorial to set up yours today!



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